High Five For Friday

Linking up today to share some of my favorite things as of late!

1.  The fact that I don’t have to download JT’s “Not a Bad Thing” because it is ALWAYS on at least one radio station. No joke anytime I want to listen to it I can flip to FM radio and it’s on at least one of my presets.  Thanks for saving my $1.29, radio.

2.  Berries! I realize they aren’t in season, but somewhere in the US they are and they are gooooooooooood.

3.  T25- Beta Round.  I got bored of Shaun T’s T25- Alpha round so I decided to start the Beta round early.  A lot of the moves are the same, but they’re in a different order and Shaun’s commentary is different so I can take it.  Plus we started using weights, which I love.  Also my core is significantly stronger thanks to these tapes and we haven’t done one situp or crunch.  I don’t mind staring at Shaun T as well.

shaunt t, t25, beachbody Source

4.  Yoga. I can’t believe I’m writing this. I tried my first yoga class probably in high school. I hated it. It was way harder than I anticipated and the lady kept telling us to clear our minds, which just made me think even more about all the things (I still do this sometimes actually). I realize there are manyyyy benefits to yoga, so that was why I made it a resolution to do it at least once a week. After a few months of doing classes in the privacy of my bedroom, I finally branched out to a real class. Despite my small issue during the first class, I loved it. Now I look forward to Wednesday night yoga when I can be the zen hippie I wish I could be the other 187 hours a week.

5.  You guys!  I realize this is kind of a cop out, but I’ve been so happy this week thanks to all the support I’ve gotten from people about this space.  I was hesitant to share it so much on social media, but I’m so glad I decided to suck it up and do so, because everyone’s response has been wonderful.  So thank you, friends 🙂


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5 Things I Learned from the Shopping Ban

Guess what??  The 100 day shopping ban is OVAAAAA.  That’s right, the girl who once was rumored to have an online shopping addiction (which was not true and I don’t know how that even got started) made it 100 days without shopping.  Technically tomorrow is the last day, but I have 100% confidence I won’t buy anything tonight.

So what did I learned during the last 3.5 months?  Let me tell you:

1.  I relied on shopping wayyyy too much as a form of entertainment.  That’s fine if you have the money, but honestly at my salary level I should be focusing on cheaper/free forms of entertainment.

2.  I have a lot of clothes. Seriously. It’s finally starting to warm up enough that I can incorporate some of my spring/summer clothes into my outfits, but for about 95% of this ban I wore only my winter clothes.  And guess what?  There still are items I haven’t worn.  Sure, sometimes I wanted something new and fresh to wear, but honestly I have enough items and variety in my closet that I probably could go an entire year without buying anything new.

3.  I thought I loved getting new clothes.  Do you know what I realized I love even more?  Seeing my bank account go up significantly every month.  This feeling actually moved into other areas of my life as well.  For example most nights I would rather stay in and watch a movie than go out and spend $30+ on drinks.  Part of the reason probably had to do with the freezing cold, but still.  It was nice to take advantage of the sucky winter and bank a lot of cash money while staying warm.

4.  Classic pieces are key. I’ve been reading a lot about the French wardrobe where quality is stressed over quantity and seasonal purchases are limited to 5 items (basics and accessories don’t count).  I try to have a minimalistic approach to life in general because I hate clutter, but one area I have not practiced this was my closet.  During my ban I found I was continually reaching for my more classic, better quality pieces as opposed to that sweater I thought was super cute last spring from Forever 21.  Also know that I had a necklace from F21 straight up fall apart in my hands before I got a chance to wear it.  I realize people say this all the time, but it finally clicked that it really is smart to invest in high quality, classic pieces AND it makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier because everything goes well together.

5.  Buying lots of things does not equate to happiness.

best things in life aren't free

I’m probably happier now than I was 100 days ago.  And that’s because instead of finding happiness externally with clothes, I’ve found it internally.  I’ve figured out there are things that I really like to do that are a lot cheaper than shopping.  I really like my YMCA’s Wednesday night yoga class.  I like walking my dog after work.  I like cooking meals for family all day Sunday.  I reallyyyyy like trying to grow this little blog. I also haven’t gotten caught up in the superficial world that is fashion, which probably helps with the happiness.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that world, but life is a lot happier when I’m not worrying about what’s trendy, how skinny that model is, how so-and-so just bought tons of new stuff and now I want all new stuff, etc.  I’m just more content now by DOING things that make me happy as opposed to BUYING things that make me happy.  Also I’m more financially secure (although let’s be real, how financially insecure could I possibly be living pretty much bill free at my parents?  But still I’m convinced I’ll never have enough money to retire or will end up broke homeless if I don’t put like 80% of my paychecks into savings. Ridic, I know), so that chills me out.

So what am I going to do to celebrate?  Buy everything I’ve eyed over the past 3.5 months? No way, jose.  I’ve turned over a new leaf and am going to wait until I see something I absolutely can’t live without before making a major purchases.  Although I may treat myself to a little somethin’ somethin’ from F21.  Because it may seem like I hate on that store, but it really does serve a purpose providing cheap trendy clothes. Because at the end of the day I still am 24 and like to be a little hip to the fashion world. Plus I gotta rock all the crop tops I can before I’m old and have a (most likely) post-baby belly.


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How I Became Tory of My Life

It’s time to give credit where credit is due.  And that is with the name of my blog.  Actually my social media persona in general because I’ve cornered the market on Tory of my life since Memorial Day 2o11 when my good friend Jesse, told me I should make that my new Twitter handle at the beginning of our “Born this Wasted” bar crawl.

bar crawlThis was the only photo from that night we were both in.  Note everyone’s matching shirts that J and I screenprinted for everyone that morning.

I loved the name and ran with it and have made it my username for pretty much all social media, and realized it was a perfect blog name once I decided it was time to finally start a blog. I mean most blogs give at least a small glimpse into the story of their writer’s life. Using my this play on my name was perfect for my blog seeing as I had no idea what direction I wanted to take it.

So this is me publicly announcing/thanking my good friend, Jesse, for coming up with this name. There will be no Lady Gaga-esque drama regarding who came up with my blog name. It was Jesse.  Also he recently started a blog: Watch What Happens Life which highlights all important things Bravo/pop culture.  Check it out and laugh at his punniness and witty comments.

spray tan, This was at his 90s themed birthday party.  We got spray tans that day that only cost $5.  I’ll never get another one again because I know I’ll never beat that price.

matchingJust matching.

So thanks again to my fellow Bravo-addict, food network obsessed, better-at-doing-my-hair-than me friend.  And fur realz go check out his blog: http://www.wwhlife.com

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5 Foods I Always Have in My Kitchen

5 foods i always have in my kitchen

As a dietitian I get asked a lot of food related questions, both by patients and family/friends.  Some are so super specific that I don’t know the answer like when people ask about drinking some obscure tea while pregnant or if turnips are high in potassium.  Others are more fun to answer such as “What’s your favorite food?”  Some are a little weird like “What’s your favorite grocery store?”  <—- usually wherever has what I need the cheapest.

So today I thought I’d list 5 foods that are almost always in my kitchen.  Most are pretty healthy, but also super tasty.  So without further ado…

1.  Oatmeal

oatmealThis is somewhat cliche because I’m pretty sure 95% of dietitians worship oatmeal, but there is a reason for it!  Not only is it soooooo good, it’s chock full of fiber, protein, vitamin A, iron, calcium, B6, and magnesium.  It’s a great breakfast because the fiber and protein gives it great staying power while the carbs fuel you up after a night of fasting.  I’m a huge fan of overnight oats in the summer and hot oats topped with melty coconut butter in the winter. And if you don’t care for the texture of oatmeal blend it up into a breakfast smoothie or a protein pancake (<— my personal favorite pancake recipe).  Steel cut, rolled, quick, even instant oats are all great choices depending on how long you have to cook them.  Just look out for flavored instant packets, which typically have a lot of unnecessary added sugar. I start nearly every morning with oatmeal in some form plus my #2 item on my list.

2.  Bananas

bananasI eat 1/2 a banana 6-7 mornings a week.  I looooove nanners. The reason I usually only eat 1/2 is because most of the bananas in our grocery store are gigantic so 1/2 is a perfect amount.  As everyone who has ever seen Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves bananas are a good source of potassium.  They’re also full of healthy sugars to give our bodies a quick boost of energy in the mornings, filling fiber, and are a good source of vitamin C, and B6.  I like to top oatmeal or some Ezekiel raisin bread with peanut butter with sliced bananas and cinnamon.  Bananas are also great for sweetening green smoothies naturally.

3.  Eggs

eggsTrue story I hated eggs growing up and never had them on their own until November 2012 on that fateful day where I experienced one of my first terrible mid-20s hangovers. I’m pretty sure the only reason I even tried eggs that morning was because I was still slightly drunk, but it’s all good because it opened my eyes to the wonder of eggs. Eggs are a great source of protein with about 6 grams/eggs and also one of the only foods that naturally contains vitamin D, something most of us in northern climates are lacking.  Don’t worry about the cholesterol content of eggs. We now know that dietary cholesterol doesn’t raise blood cholesterol as long as you don’t go hog wild eating 5 whole eggs a day.  Moderation always. Eggs are one of the most versatile foods I can think of.  Scramble them, poach them, fry them, bake them, hard boil them, microwave them.  You can pretty much cook them any way with good results.  As I’ve mentioned before I’m a huge fan of scrambled eggs and avocado, but breakfast sandwiches are also clutch weekend eats.

4.  Carrots

carrotsCarrots are a great vegetable to have on hand.  If I’m stressed and want something crunchy to mindlessly snack on I try to turn to carrots in lieu of other options like chips.  I love dipping them in everything from hummus (roasted red pepper, yeah!), to ranch dressing (not so healthy, but whatevs), almond butter, peanut butter, really any nut butter.  I also add them to smoothies now that I have the all powerful Vitamix.  They also can be grated and hidden in foods such as pasta sauce or mashed sweet potatoes if you have a picky eater who might not be getting enough veggies.  Carrots are most known for being high in vitamin A.  Some people stay away from carrots due to their “high sugar content,” but leave that myth behind.  A cup of carrots only has 6 grams of naturally occurring sugar.  Trust me, that’s not a lot.  So indulge in one of nature’s sweeter veggies.

5.  Ice Cream

ice creamAhhh ice cream.  My favorite food, no joke.  Obviously ice cream has little to no nutritional benefit, but I like to have a treat or two around and ice cream is almost always one of them.  I’m more into really rich ice creams such as Jeni’s or Graeter’s (Ohio brands FTW), because I’m way more satisfied with a small portion.  Just a few small scoops of their super creamy flavors satisfies my sweet tooth and just makes me so happy. Nothing upsets/offends me as much as fat free or sugar free ice cream.  Ice cream is supposed to be fat and high and sugar, that’s what makes it so great!  Fat free/sugar free just screams “chemicals” to me so I avoid them for that reason, if not for their lackluster flavor.  Honestly if I could only eat one food for the rest of my life I would probably pick ice cream. So many delicious flavors to choose from.  My favorite flavors of all time would probably be a tie between Jeni’s Brown Butter Almond Brittle and Edy’s Girl Scout Thin Mint.

This list of foods mimics my approach to food and eating in general.  Pick nutritious (but also delicious) items most of the time, but don’t forget about your absolute favorite treats.

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