Weekend Wrap Up

Low key weekend, but the weather was perfect. I actually got sunburned despite sitting in the shad facing away from the sun. Vampire no more.

singing, disney radio Taking Timmy to work singing along to Lion King radio.

homemade pizzaDad’s pizza for the time in what feels like FOREVER.

protein pancakes, healthyProtein pancakes with fresh berries.

dog in cat bed, fat, tiaTia thinking she fits in a cat bed.  Lil fatty ❤

strawberry doughboy smoothieMade my first doughboy smoothie.  To be honest I wasn’t a fan.  Something about the texture wasn’t my bag.  Also I didn’t have a banana, which I missed.

injurded robinCaught my cat with this in his mouth. I rescued him, but he wouldn’t fly away. So he chilled in this cereal box next to me in my room while I worked on the computer. Then he started squawking and spreading his wings and I got scared he was going to start flying around our house (which happened when I was a kid once and was scary). So I took him outside where he just squawked and drew the attention of my cat. So then I put him in our cat carrier where he could further recoup while being protected from the cats.  A half hour later he was waiting at the front of the carrier, so I bent down to let him out and my phone fell out of my pocket and the screen cracked 😦 😦 😦 waaaahhhh.  Luckily it’s small, not on the screen, and the bird survived.

Then about 2 hours later the cat showed up with a bunny.  We got the cat away and reached for the rabbit who promptly ran back towards the cat. So stupid rabbit got to stay with the cat. Survival of the fittest.



About Tory

Twenty-something oversharer from Ohio who loves all things food, fitness, fashion and felines.
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2 Responses to Weekend Wrap Up

  1. Rachel Bosyj says:

    I cracked my phone too! Only it was really more of a shattered the whole screen. Happy Monday!

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