High Five For Friday

Linking up today to share some of my favorite things as of late!

1.  The fact that I don’t have to download JT’s “Not a Bad Thing” because it is ALWAYS on at least one radio station. No joke anytime I want to listen to it I can flip to FM radio and it’s on at least one of my presets.  Thanks for saving my $1.29, radio.

2.  Berries! I realize they aren’t in season, but somewhere in the US they are and they are gooooooooooood.

3.  T25- Beta Round.  I got bored of Shaun T’s T25- Alpha round so I decided to start the Beta round early.  A lot of the moves are the same, but they’re in a different order and Shaun’s commentary is different so I can take it.  Plus we started using weights, which I love.  Also my core is significantly stronger thanks to these tapes and we haven’t done one situp or crunch.  I don’t mind staring at Shaun T as well.

shaunt t, t25, beachbody Source

4.  Yoga. I can’t believe I’m writing this. I tried my first yoga class probably in high school. I hated it. It was way harder than I anticipated and the lady kept telling us to clear our minds, which just made me think even more about all the things (I still do this sometimes actually). I realize there are manyyyy benefits to yoga, so that was why I made it a resolution to do it at least once a week. After a few months of doing classes in the privacy of my bedroom, I finally branched out to a real class. Despite my small issue during the first class, I loved it. Now I look forward to Wednesday night yoga when I can be the zen hippie I wish I could be the other 187 hours a week.

5.  You guys!  I realize this is kind of a cop out, but I’ve been so happy this week thanks to all the support I’ve gotten from people about this space.  I was hesitant to share it so much on social media, but I’m so glad I decided to suck it up and do so, because everyone’s response has been wonderful.  So thank you, friends 🙂



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Twenty-something oversharer from Ohio who loves all things food, fitness, fashion and felines.
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7 Responses to High Five For Friday

  1. I love the JT song too, heck I just love JT! I’ve definitely been enjoying my fair share of blueberries and raspberries lately 🙂 Happy weekend!

  2. Absolutely love yoga! It’s what I go to when I feel like exercising or just relaxing in a different way. We just bought a huge container of strawberries, seems like we love them it’s time to get more already! Happy Friday!

    • Tory says:

      I agree 100%! Yoga is so great because you can work hard yet find such an amazing sense of calmness and relaxation by the end. Perfect for after stressful days.

  3. i’ve always wanted to try T25. i’ve heard nothing but good things. maybe it’s time to go for it!
    and enjoy the yoga! it’s great for a workout and flexibility.
    i totally agree with you on the berries thing! they’re SO good!

    • Tory says:

      I love T25! It’s perfect, because even if I don’t feel like working out I can talk myself into it because 25 minutes is over in a flash! Plus at home workouts are sooo much more convenient than the gym.

  4. marciwallace says:

    Hi Tory! Stopping by from the link-up! I keep hearing good things about T25 – maybe that will be my next workout challenge ha! Also, I’ll have to try yoga in an actual class – I’ve tried it so many times with DVDs and it’s so boring to me! But maybe a class would be more fun? xoxo

    • Tory says:

      Yes a class is so much more fun! I was nervous for my first class wondering how I would last the whole hour when I get bored after 20 minutes at home, but I made it through no problem!

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