My Favorite Commercials

While watching Rehab Addict the other day I saw the classic Sears Optical raccoon commercial and laughed as hard as I did the first time I saw it.  Well that’s a lie.. the commercial got funnier as I watched it.  This inspired me to make a compilation of some of my favorite commercials over the years. Let’s start with my inspiration:

Followed by a classic Target black Friday sales commercial.  I know some people are annoyed by these, but the woman sprinting in heels at the end kills me.

And another holiday commercial.  The Hyundai holi-duh commercial.  The faces of everyone make me laugh, especially the man with the sparkly blue robe.

And finally.  The Amp’d mobile commercial.  I’ve cried laughing at the guy going “HI!”

Haaaaaaa I love commercials.


About Tory

Twenty-something oversharer from Ohio who loves all things food, fitness, fashion and felines.
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